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Creating Your Cover Letter. Here's how to create and format your cover letter Start with the title and a brief description of your application. Use the PHS 398 Cover Letter File in the grant application—don't confuse it with the mandatory PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement form. Follow the format NIH gives you in the SF 424 Form Instructions. Statement that required NIH approval documents are included e.g. budget over $500K/year; approval for conference grant proposal; cooperative agreement, etc. For late applications - if applicable, include explanation of the delay as part of the letter. This project is in alignment with the mission of the relevant institute NIH should create a funding mechanism to cover childcare costs exceeding 15% of family income. Proposal Postdocs and graduate students can apply for quarterly reimbursement of childcare expenses beyond 15% of family income capped at $1,000 per child per month. Qualifying children must be 12 or younger.

Nih cover letter:

The NIH Office of Intramural Research OIR is responsible for the development and implementation of NIH-wide projects and policies, as well as the oversight and coordination of intramural research, training, and technology transfer conducted within the laboratories and clinics of the National Institutes of Health. Guide to. Cover Letters. DISCLAIMER. This guide is to be used as a general overview and cannot take each reader’s own. unique experiences into account. It is intended to be used as a starting point for. more in-depth discussions with mentors, career counselors, and others in your. network. Writing a Successful Application for NIH. • If the directions for the cover letter ask you to discuss four points, make certain that you address all four.


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NIH strongly recommends that you include a cover letter with your application indicating the specific NIH Institute or Center IC that you believe should have primary assignment of your application, and which review committee would be most appropriate to review the application. The Center for. OER Peer Review and Policy Issues Special Emphasis Panels. NIH Scientific Review Group SRG Roster Index. The initial step of the peer review process takes place in Scientific Review Groups SRGs that are managed by the Institutes and Centers that are components of the NIH.


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Resubmission applications require referees to submit updated reference letters. Selecting a Referee At least three, but no more than five, reference letters are required. The letters should be from individuals not directly involved in the application, but who are familiar with the applicant’s qualifications, training, and interests. For more about cover letters, see Cover Letter Attachment. In the past, only NIH's Division of Receipt and Referral and SRO would see your cover letter, not the reviewers or program officer. The same will be true of the new PHS Assignment Request Form.


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