Creative writing undergraduate courses

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ENGL 223 Introduction to Creative Writing 3 cr. ENGL 290 Introduction to Literary Studies 3 ENGL 2XX Any non-CW soph. English course 3 ENGL 2XX or 3XX Choose any non-CW English course at these levels 3 Any three ENGL 3XX/4XX electives 9 ENGL 496 Major Figures or other advisor-approved ENGL 4XX course 3 ENGL 490 Senior Seminar 3 Choose one of the following options 9 hrs. total Advanced Undergraduate Creative Writing Courses. Advanced creative writing courses in either poetry EN 304 or fiction EN 305 in the fall, and EN 405 in the spring are offered each semester. Seats in these courses are usually limited to ten per section, and are offered to students on a selective basis. Creative writing courses aren't just for budding authors, but could suit anyone who wants to develop their written and spoken communication skills for careers such as advertising, publishing or journalism. You study novels, poetry, plays and screenplays for inspiration, develop your own writing skills and learn to critically assess your own work.

Creative writing undergraduate courses:

Creative Writing. The Creative Writing Program offers workshop courses in fiction and poetry writing, and sponsors the Barbara & David Zalaznick Reading Series during the academic year. More than 500 undergraduates enroll in the program’s courses annually, many from schools outside the College of Arts & Sciences. All Creative Writing Minors and all English Majors who wish to specialize in Creative Writing are required to take English 3800, a prerequisite for all 5000-level Creative Writing courses. ENG 2800 Techniques of Imaginative Writing Cr. 3. Satisfies General Education Requirement Cultural Inquiry. Writing in various creative forms. Our comprehensive undergraduate program reaches more than 900 majors and enrolls more than 8,000 students annually. Our top-ranking graduate program prepares the next generation of literary scholars and teachers for professional success.


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Creative Writing-Playwriting 2 39 Digital Storytelling 2 34 Documentary Filmmaking for Writers 35 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop Multi-Genre 35 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop Multi-Genre 2 36 Advanced Creative Writing Poetry 2 37 Advanced Creative Writing Fiction 30 Creative Writing. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. When you major in creative writing at Brandeis, you will immerse yourself in small writing workshops, literary studies, and studio or performing art, all of which prepare you for a writerly life.


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Advanced course in fiction writing. Repeatable Repeatable for up to 9.00 total credit hours. Requisites Requires prerequisite course of ENGL 3051 minimum grade B. Restricted to Creative Writing minor students or students with a sub plan of Creative Writing. Undergraduate English Major and Minor in Creative Writing. Program II of the English Major and Minor. Undergraduates may concentrate on developing their creative writing skills while they also acquire a general appreciation of English literature.


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